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No Fee To Me was created from the advantageous position of like-mined individuals connecting and networking with an entrepreneur spirit, to combat the common issue of the “interchange fee” for those unfamiliar with the term, this is the fee the bank charges every merchant that uses the current swipe system (Cash App, PayPal, etc.). A federal law caps debit card transactions at $0.21 per transaction.

As of Feb. 14, 2019, companies have been planning to hike the fees banks pay for processing card payments. With the courts backing the decision some merchants are imposing surcharges to cover the cost of an interchange fee that is 2.75% to 3.5%. In 2012, we–the merchants–won a settlement that allowed us to charge up to 4% to cover the interchange fee. Eventually, that settlement was thrown out.

In 2018, MasterCard and Visa agreed to pay merchants $6.2 billion in damages to settle the dispute but it failed to address the network's interchange fee policies.

Today, merchants are left to find innovative ways to bring income in and or discover new ways to bring down the cost of daily operations–which sometimes keeps a small business from achieving its full potential.


Paylo is the leader in this new era of entrepreneurial control. Their swipe technology is changing the way you now do business. Gone are the days of the interchange fee as you used to know it. Paylo has come together with Your Card Cash™ and No Fee To Me to provide a system that is just as up-to-date and efficient as the competition. But now, savings are offered to you (the merchant) by charging the customer the fees associated with using swipe technology. This means that your interchange fee now walks out with the client and product.

How will you grow your business?

Do you wonder how you can save money and provide a great product or service to your clients?

You now have a choice because others have created a voice. Come tackle the world of entrepreneurship with us.

Created in the spirit of opportunity

Small Business Owner Benefits

With our business model, companies will receive bonuses that don’t exist on many small business platforms. The network of companies we represent create community awareness about clients and their product(s) through community outreach, donations and events held in their respective communities.

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