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No Fee To Me is a partner company of Your Card Cash™–the fastest growing way of accepting credit and debit cards in-store, via your mobile device or computer while eliminating up to 100% of your processing costs!

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The Application Process

As a Paylo Authorized Partner, Your Card Cash™ provides a custom system and software combination that is a legally patented and 100% compliant.

No Fee To Me is a partner company of Your Card Cash™. Don’t be nervous when you are redirected to to complete an application to sign-up for your equipment and contract. This procedure is secure and necessary to process your order without a third-party company. Our company’s information will already be provided to ease communication with Your Card Cash™ assuring proper product placement for both companies.

New clients: Proceed to products located in menu bar on top of the Your Card Cash™ website.

Existing account: If you are a company with an existing system for receiving payment, we advise you to either confirm the cancellation policy for that company or wait until the end of your contract.

Your Card Cash™ and No Fee To Me cannot process your order with an active account already open.

Next: It would be good to know exactly what product and service will fit your business structure. You don’t want to over or undersell yourself. For this “ Click” the product located at the top of the page. Here you will be sent to Your Card Cash™ for all product and service information.

Final Step: Contact us to set-up your private consultation with our No Fee To Me representative via call, text or Zoom. If you still have questions about set-up and service, we will go over your desired purchases during our meeting. We will also discuss our product rates. Remember, our goal is to keep your daily cost of doing credit card business to $1 a day.

Created in the spirit of opportunity

Small Business Owner Benefits

With our business model, companies will receive bonuses that don’t exist on many small business platforms. The network of companies we represent create community awareness about clients and their product(s) through community outreach, donations and events held in their respective communities.

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With little overhead walking out the door with your products, it will be easier to manage the associated costs of doing business with credit cards.

Paylo has come together with Your Card Cash™ and No Fee To Me to provide a system that is just as up-to-date and efficient as the competition.

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